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The King Has One More MoveSujith Alex
King's Church
Length:47 minutes
Reference:Mark 1-2
Life can feel like a game of chess where the enemy has got us in ‘checkmate’ mode sometimes. This can be due to illness, addictions, or other external pressures which tell us that there is no hope and that we should give up on God. The reality is that God can reverse any situation, and His word stands above any circumstance we find ourselves in if we put our trust in Him. Sujith Alex opens the word of God and reminds us that no matter how dire things look in our lives, the King has one more move!
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The Fight SongSujith Alex
King's Church
Length:50 minutes
Reference:Psalm 57
King David is attributed with writing most of the psalms in the Bible. Some of the songs he wrote came from times when he was being pursued by his enemies who wanted to take his life, but David always seemed to find solace in God even in the darkest of times. What was his secret to finding comfort in God’s love in the midst of his trials? Sujith Alex brings a powerful word to show us how we can write our own fight songs in our battles. Listen now!
Fight SongListen Download MP3 Audio 17.3MB (50:18)
The Journey Continues - Part 2Sujith Alex
King's Church
Length:41 minutes
Reference:1 Kings 17:1-16
In the story of Elijah and the widow from the book of 1 Kings, we see how God miraculously provided food for the prophet Elijah in the midst of a famine, and also kept the widow and her son alive through that provision. Join us for the second half of the special two-part sermon by Sujith Alex, as he opens the word of God and shows us that sometimes God blesses us not just for our own sake, but in order that we can be a blessing to others around us, to show that He is a good and generous Father!
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The Journey Continues - Part 1Sujith Alex
King's Church
Length:36 minutes
Reference:Luke 15:1-32
Have you been led to believe that God doesn't want us to enjoy this life, or that He is a stern father just waiting to punish us? The story of the Prodigal Son as told by Jesus in the book of Luke tells us the very opposite! In the first of his two-part sermon, Sujith Alex opens the word of God and reminds us that God is a good father who is always looking out for His children, and He is ready to bless us with all He has - the best of which was His very own Son, Jesus!
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The Ultimate Set-upSujith Alex
King's Church
Length:33 minutes
Reference:2 Kings 8:1-6
"God's time is the best", as the saying goes. But what happens when you've been waiting on a promise from God for what feels like an eternity and nothing seems to happen? In the story of Elisha and the widow in 2 Kings, we discover that God's delay in answering a prayer is not necessarily a denial, and that God always works things together for our good, if we obey Him. Join us this week as Sujith Alex opens the word of God. Listen now!
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A Heart of GratitudeSujith Alex
King's Church
Length:47 minutes
Reference:Luke 17:11-19
On one occasion, a group suffering from leprosy approached Jesus and He cured them, but only one returned to give thanks to the Lord. While this sounds extraordinary, this lack of gratitude towards God can be very common among believers today. Sujith Alex opens the Word.
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God is Awesome in this PlaceSujith Alex
King's Church
Length:34 minutes
Reference:2 Kings 4:1-7
The woman in 2 Kings chapter four had recently lost her husband and found herself in devastating times. But God was her strength and her hope! Sujith Alex brings God's encouragement to those seeking a breakthrough.
MP3 AudioListen Download 40Kbps 9.8MB