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Living The DreamPhil Shaw
King's Church
Length:58 minutes
Reference:Acts 12:1-11
In Acts 12, we find Peter in prison awaiting execution for his faith. Through what seemed like impossible circumstances, God brought his miraculous deliverance. Sometimes we may find ourselves in “prison” situations where we can’t seem to break free, but God is always working things out for our good, even if they are unpleasant for a while. Phil Shaw opens the word this week to remind us that in order to fulfill our calling, we have to heed God’s instructions in all situations as we await His intervention.
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Panic PerspectivesPhil Shaw
King's Church
Length:59 minutes
Reference:Matthew 6
In one of His most famous discourses about money, Jesus said that we are to seek God’s kingdom above everything. Sometimes this can seem impossible in light of life’s demands on us to pay bills and feed and clothe ourselves. However, God’s word reassures us that as we focus our eyes on Him, our perspective changes and He provides and cares for us because of His unchanging faithfulness! Phil Shaw brings a timely word on trusting God with our cares and worries - not to be missed.
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Fit For PurposePhil Shaw
King's Church
Length:56 minutes
Reference:2 Peter 1
In Peter’s first epistle, he encourages his readers with the truth that when God calls us, He also equips us in order for us to fulfil His purpose for our lives. However, we also have a part to play – we are called to increase in our personal holiness and knowledge of God so that we can represent Him well. Phil Shaw opens the word of God this week and brings a timely reminder that the Jesus we show is only ever a reflection of the Jesus we know. Listen now!
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Faith ExercisesPhil Shaw
King's Church
Length:1 hour 3 minutes
Reference:Matthew 14
The Bible describes faith as “being sure of something you have not seen”. Sometimes this can be easier said than done, but the reality is that our faith is rooted in Jesus so when we keep our eyes fixed on Him, we can walk in the authority and the power of His word. Join us this week as Phil Shaw opens the word of God and encourages us to exercise our faith and step out into what God has called us to do. Not to be missed!
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Resurrection ReflectionsPhil Shaw
King's Church
Length:56 minutes
Reference:Mark 16
The significance of Easter does not end with an empty tomb. Jesus appeared again to the disciples after His resurrection to commission them to continue His good works and to reflect His glory. Join us in this Easter Sunday message as Phil Shaw shares with us that the resurrection of Jesus demands us to live a different life by walking with greater purpose, witnessing to all people and demonstrating God’s power. Not to be missed!
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The Master's PlanPhil Shaw
King's Church
Length:40 minutes
Reference:Mark 15
Jesus’ journey to be crucified on the cross would have looked like a failure of His mission from the world’s point of view, but behind the scenes, God was working out a master plan to bring us salvation and reconcile us back to Him. Phil Shaw opens the word of God in our Good Friday message to remind us that what may seem to be the enemy’s biggest win in your life is an opportunity for God’s greatest victory!
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Nothing Short Of EverythingPhil Shaw
King's Church
Length:52 minutes
Reference:2 Kings 4
Sometimes we get to a point where we have given absolutely everything we have and we feel like there is nothing left and that often leaves us fearful about the future. However, God wants to remind us that He is the source of everything we have. When things look impossible, He will take our emptiness and turn it into immeasurable provision if we keep our eyes on Him and obey His word. Phil Shaw brings a timely word of encouragement this week. Listen now!
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Rewind Series Part 2 - Tomb RaidersPhil Shaw
King's Church
Length:47 minutes
Reference:John 11
John’s Gospel quotes Jesus as saying He is the “resurrection”, in response to a question about whether He could raise the dead. What this means practically for us is that even our toughest challenges are no match for God’s power to bring dead things to life! Do you need Jesus to resurrect something in your life that you have given up on? Join us this week as Phil Shaw brings a timely encouragement that our greatest victory can often be found in our biggest disappointment. Listen now!
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Rewind Series Part 1 - Retracing Your StepsPhil Shaw
King's Church
Length:1 hour 1 minute
Reference:Luke 24:13-35
It is all too easy to get ahead of ourselves sometimes in our Christian walk, and forget the basics we learned when we first experienced the love of Christ. Jesus’ words to the churches in the book of Revelation still apply to us today – we need to return to our first Love and find our purpose in Him afresh. Join us for the first part of the ‘Rewind’ series as Phil Shaw brings a timely word to help us retrace our steps to our life changing encounter with Jesus. Listen now!
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Changing Your AtmospherePhil Shaw
King's Church
Length:56 minutes
Reference:Matthew 26
The story of the woman with the alabaster jar has endured because of her extraordinary act of self-giving worship towards Jesus, despite the opposition she faced for it. Sometimes we may find it hard to fully express our worship for the Lord because we are worried about appearances, but as Phil Shaw reminds us this week, God is looking for true worshippers who are ready to change the atmosphere wherever they go. Not to be missed!
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