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A Matter Of TrustPeter Shaw
King's Church
Length:43 minutes
Reference:Luke 1
When Mary heard from Gabriel that she would give birth to the Saviour, she put her trust in God and accepted the responsibility, even after realising the huge impact it would have on her life. In his Christmas message, Peter Shaw shows us through Mary’s story in Luke 1 that our response to God’s plan of redemption should be that of trust in Jesus who came and paid the price for our salvation. Listen now!
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God's Gift - Worthless or PricelessPeter Shaw
King's Church
Length:33 minutes
Reference:Luke 1:26-35
We all love to receive gifts, especially at Christmas. However, the reality is that at Christmas, many people around the world will be celebrating a gift they do not value - Jesus. Join us in our special Christmas Day service as Peter Shaw opens the word of God and reminds us that God knows how to give good gifts and in His Son, He gave us the greatest gift of all!
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Can I Trust God's Gift?Peter Shaw
King's Church
Length:34 minutes
Reference:John 3:16
It is often said that anything that seems too good to be true probably isn’t. However, the Christmas Story in the bible tells us that God gave the best gift to mankind that he could possible give: himself! The gift does not end there though; Jesus promised to be with us always if we receive the gift he freely offers to us. Peter Shaw opens the word of God in our special Christmas Day message and shows us that God’s greatest gift is one that is “exactly what it says on the tin”. Listen now!
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