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Jesus On StressPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 59 minutes
Reference:Matthew 6:25-34
Stress and anxiety are very common in today's world and Christians are certainly not immune from them! Drawing from the teaching of Jesus and Paul, Peter Cavanna (Mattersey Hall) unpacks some of the causes of stress and how we can begin to overcome!
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The UnionPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 53 minutes
Reference:1 Samuel 1:1-11
The Old Testament story of Elkanah and the rivalry of his two wives might not seem relevant to the Christian journey today. However, buried in the husband's cry of 'Am I not worth more than ten sons to you?' lies a passionate message from Christ to His people. Step aside from the 'doing equals value' culture of much of the modern church and begin to bear fruit for God because you are in union with Him!
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The Really, Really, Really Wise MenPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 54 minutes
Reference:Matthew 2:1-12
The Bible ascribes great wisdom to the “Magi’ or ‘Three Wise Men’ who come to visit the child Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel. What was the source of their great wisdom? What clues are there in the story that show how wise they were, and what can we learn from them for our Christian lives and ministry today? Peter Cavanna (Mattersey Hall) opens the Scriptures for Christmas 2015.
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The Evangelist and the Local ChurchPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length:1 hour 2 minutes
Reference:Acts 8:4-40
The Bible is clear that Christians should 'do the work of an evangelist' (2 Timothy 4:5). Peter Cavanna opens the Scriptures to examine the public and private life of Philip, the only named evangelist in the New Testament. What can be learned today from his faith and ministry?
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The Way Of The MangerPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 30 minutes
Reference:Matthew 1:18-25
The Christmas story can be portrayed as joyous and exciting but the reality of a godly young couple, struggling with their circumstances, can be easily missed. Anyone serving God but facing challenges may well be right in the centre of God's will after all! Peter Cavanna (Mattersey) opens the Scriptures at King's on Christmas Day 2014.
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The Acts of the God-SeekersPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 45 minutes
Reference:Acts 17:26-28
In the Acts of the Apostles, as well as the moving of the Spirit and the mobilisation of the church, there is another group - the religious, God-fearing, righteous people - who have been made ready by the Lord and are eager to hear about Jesus. The good news is that God is still preparing people to receive his Kingdom today, ready for harvest!
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Knowing NoahPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 45 minutes
Reference:Genesis 6:11-22
Everyone has heard of Noah and the Ark, but what was the real Noah like? Forget Sunday School pictures or Hollywood movies, Noah is one of the great Bible heroes and an example for Christians today. In this message, Peter Cavanna asks: What is it that we can learn from his life and faith?
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Every Time you Speak in TonguesPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 47 minutes
Reference:Acts 2:1-4
The Baptism with the Holy Spirit - an experience available for all Christians, bringing empowerment for evangelism and witness - is accompanied in the Bible and today by the phenomenon of speaking in tongues. Why did God choose this strange sign? What does it mean? Peter Cavanna shares some fresh thoughts that you may never have considered before about speaking in tongues! Warning: this message may seriously change your life's direction!
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The Beautiful PeoplePeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 48 minutes
Reference:Acts 3:1-16
The story of the lame man healed at Gate Beautiful contains much wisdom regarding the dynamics of church life and evangelism. The secret is to be the 'people of the gate' - standing equally between the prayer room of the temple, with an obvious need for God, and the mission place of the street, where God's servant must believe they have everything they need!
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School of Ministry 2013: Healing (part 2)Peter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 44 minutes
King's Church School of Ministry ran during the summer of 2013, eight evenings of teaching, to prepare God's people for active ministry and mission today.The Holy Spirit is as powerful now as He was in apostolic times. It's time for faith! In this session, the topic is the gift of healing (part 2).
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