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Waymakers Part 3 - Making Your Mind UpPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 51 minutes
Reference:2 Peter 1:16-21
It is common to believe: ‘What will be, will be’ along with the world but fate and faith are not the same. When making decisions, the pleasures of life, the prompting of the Spirit and the principles of Scripture are usually at work. Make way for God’s wisdom, says Peter Cavanna, in this third part of the Waymakers’ series.
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The Faulty Transaction GospelPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 56 minutes
Reference:Matthew 18:23-34
Do you feel that you must do things for God in order to be saved: obedience or acts of service? Or do you believe that God owes you special blessing for your faithfulness? This could be the ‘transaction’ Gospel at work. As you listen, stand by for your relationship with God to be challenged to the core!
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Crisis ManagementPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 52 minutes
Reference:Jonah 1
During an unexpected crisis in life, it can be hard to know how to react as a Christian. Peter Cavanna examines the example of the sailors in Jonah, where a godly mixture of emotion, prayer and wise action negotiates the storm. It’s time to manage your crisis!
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The Ministry Of The WormPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length:1 hour 0 minutes
Reference:Jonah 4:1-11
The final part of the Jonah story is a peculiar portion of the Bible: the Lord sends a worm to destroy the prophet’s comfortable canopy. Given that God does not change, what might this episode have to teach modern disciples of Jesus? Is God establishing destiny, empathy and eternity for us, even when the object of His working is peculiar and the effects uncomfortable? Are you ready for the ministry of the worm? Peter Cavanna opens the Scriptures.
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Behind The VeilPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 57 minutes
Reference:2 Corinthians 3:13
Did you ever read that Moses wore a veil over his face because he had been with God and his face shone? Perhaps there is more to this story than you think! In this challenging message, Peter Cavanna calls the church back to having an authentic fire, not just a veil, for worship, ministry and our personal lives. Get ignited again for Jesus!
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Christmas EvePeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 53 minutes
Reference:Luke 1:5-25
The events surrounding Jesus’ birth are recounted around the world every Christmas. However, another miraculous birth took place around the same time – the birth of John the Baptist, to parents who were past childbearing age. What lessons can we learn about God’s timing and intervention in our Christian lives and ministry today from this story? Peter Cavanna (Mattersey Hall) opens the Scriptures for Christmas 2017.
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Jesus On StressPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 59 minutes
Reference:Matthew 6:25-34
Stress and anxiety are very common in today's world and Christians are certainly not immune from them! Drawing from the teaching of Jesus and Paul, Peter Cavanna (Mattersey Hall) unpacks some of the causes of stress and how we can begin to overcome!
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The UnionPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 53 minutes
Reference:1 Samuel 1:1-11
The Old Testament story of Elkanah and the rivalry of his two wives might not seem relevant to the Christian journey today. However, buried in the husband's cry of 'Am I not worth more than ten sons to you?' lies a passionate message from Christ to His people. Step aside from the 'doing equals value' culture of much of the modern church and begin to bear fruit for God because you are in union with Him!
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The Really, Really, Really Wise MenPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 54 minutes
Reference:Matthew 2:1-12
The Bible ascribes great wisdom to the “Magi’ or ‘Three Wise Men’ who come to visit the child Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel. What was the source of their great wisdom? What clues are there in the story that show how wise they were, and what can we learn from them for our Christian lives and ministry today? Peter Cavanna (Mattersey Hall) opens the Scriptures for Christmas 2015.
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The Evangelist and the Local ChurchPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length:1 hour 2 minutes
Reference:Acts 8:4-40
The Bible is clear that Christians should 'do the work of an evangelist' (2 Timothy 4:5). Peter Cavanna opens the Scriptures to examine the public and private life of Philip, the only named evangelist in the New Testament. What can be learned today from his faith and ministry?
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