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At His FeetJane Cavanna
King's Church
Length:52 minutes
Reference:Luke 10:38-42
Sermon by Jane Cavanna at King's Church Cambridge on Sunday, April 24, 2022.
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Breaking Camp 2014Jane Cavanna
King's Church
Length:36 minutes
Reference:Joshua 3:1-17
Jane opens up the passage in Joshua, which outlines God's strategic plan for a church that wants to 'break camp': honouring human leadership, listening to God, overcoming the enemy and committing to a team taking steps of faith. It's time to break camp!
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The River of GodJane Cavanna
King's Church
Length:39 minutes
Reference:Ezekiel 47:1-6
In a popular Bible passage, the prophet Ezekiel is led step by step into a river from God. While many understand this is likely a symbol of the Holy Spirit, just how can we live this out in our daily lives today? What does it really mean to be a person 'of the Spirit'? Jane brings a clear challenge.
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The Truth IsJane Cavanna
King's Church
Length:39 minutes
Reference:John 8:31-36
Jesus promised that His followers would be 'set free' but this has not always been the believers' experience. As Jane Cavanna explains, it is essential to 'know the truth' in order to be free. A deep revelation of sin's consequences, the power of the cross to separate us from the past, and the overwhelming wonder of God's love will transform anyone's life forever.
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King David: Conflict, Cost and CoachingJane Cavanna
King's Church
Length:37 minutes
Reference:1 Chronicles 19:1-19
King David had a challenging life, one in which God was able to reveal His wisdom. Examining three such instances, Jane Cavanna encourages the church concerning handling conflict, ensuring the cost of worship and the importance of preparing the next generation for the Kingdom to come.
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Building With Costly StonesJane Cavanna
King's Church
Length:39 minutes
Reference:Matthew 7:24-27
Most believers understand that the Gospel should be the bedrock of their lives but it is possible to have a deficient foundation, or to fail to invest heavily in building upon it. The Apostle Paul said that we should build with 'costly stones'. Jane Cavanna presents the challenge of God's word!
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The Dynamic DifferenceJane Cavanna
King's Church
Length:35 minutes
Reference:Acts 2:38-39
The New Testament speaks of the 'gift of the Holy Spirit' but what is the nature of this heavenly gift? How may the Spirit baptism be received and what outward biblical signs should we expect to witness? Jane Cavanna opens the Word.
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Forgiven Much, Love MuchJane Cavanna
King's Church
Length:39 minutes
Reference:Luke 7:36-50
The story of Jesus at Simon the Pharisee's house illustrates the difference between two kinds of religious people. The woman has a revelation of who Jesus is, and who she is; while the Pharisee continues to think more highly of himself than he ought. Jane Cavanna asks: Which one represents you?
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Strong in SpiritJane Cavanna
King's Church
Length:45 minutes
Reference:Romans 8:5
It was said of John the Baptist that he was 'strong in spirit' and that this led to him being greatly used by the Lord in his generation. What might developing our spiritual life mean in practical terms today? Jane opens the Scriptures.
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The King's DomainJane Cavanna
King's Church
Length:35 minutes
Reference:Luke 17:21
When Christ spoke about the Kingdom of God, He was referring to the 'domain of the king'. Why was this Kingdom so prominent in the teaching of Jesus, what role does faith play in accessing its power today, and why is it important to tell everyone about it? Jane Cavanna opens up the Scriptures.
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