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Understanding God's SeasonsBill Jeynes
King's Church
Length:1 hour 4 minutes
Reference:Ecclesiastes 3
In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon writes that ‘there is a time for everything’. We all go through different seasons in life where we may wonder if we are still in God’s will. However, as we grow closer to God and learn to hear His voice, we begin to recognise the different seasons and understand how we are to respond in order to walk in the fulness of His will for our lives. Bill Jeynes brings a timely word in the second of our Pentecost Sunday messages.
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All To JesusBill Jeynes
King's Church
Length:1 hour 1 minute
Reference:John 14:25-27
Jesus said we are to love the Lord with everything within us. This is not always easy, but when Jesus ascended into heaven, God sent His Holy Spirit to empower us to do just that. As we celebrate Pentecost Sunday, our special guest Bill Jeynes opens the word of God and reminds us that if we give our all to Jesus, the best days of our lives are yet to come!
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God Works All Things Out For GoodBill Jeynes
King's Church
Length:46 minutes
Reference:Romans 8:28-39
In the 8th chapter of the book of Romans, we find the amazing promise from God that nothing that happens to us can separate us from Jesus' love for us. In the light of difficult circumstances, that can be hard to believe sometimes, but Bill Jeynes opens the word of God and reminds us that God works all things out for the good of those who love Him!
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From The Old To The NewBill Jeynes
King's Church
Length:40 minutes
Reference:Joshua 3:1-17
Do you sometimes feel like your past is stopping you from moving forward into what God has planned for you? The Israelites faced the same dilemma as they moved from the wilderness to the promised land, but God showed His steadfast love and faithfulness throughout their journey. Join us this week as Bill Jeynes opens the word of God and reminds us that God specializes in giving us new beginnings. Listen now!
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Pressing OnBill Jeynes
King's Church
Length:56 minutes
Reference:Philippians 3:12-21
The past, as the saying goes, cannot be changed - but we can learn from it. In the apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians, he uses an athletics analogy to encourage the readers to put the past behind them and “press on” towards the goal, just as a runner would persevere towards the finishing line in a race! Are you holding on to things in your past that are holding you back from reaching your goal? Join us this week as our special guest Bill Jeynes opens the word.
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Jesu´s EntiendeBill Jeynes
King's Church
Length:41 minutes
Reference:Hebrews 4:14-5:10
In the book of Hebrews, the writer states that Jesus was “tempted in every way, just as we are, but did not sin”. It can be easy to forget that Jesus does understand the things we go through, and He is willing and able to help us if we reach out to Him in faith. Join us this week as Bill Jeynes reminds us that no matter what situation we are going through, Jesus understands our struggles, and will help us overcome because He overcame!
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How To Win Your Family To ChristBill Jeynes
King's Church
Length:59 minutes
Reference:Acts 16:19-31
When a person accepts Jesus as their saviour, it is the most exciting and life -changing experience they can have. Following such and experience our natural desire is to want our loved ones to discover this same free gift. Maybe you have prayed many years for loved ones and not seen any sign of breakthrough. In this message, Bill shares some insightful and practical ways we can live our lives to win out loved ones to Christ. Listen now!
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