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House BuildersSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length: 45 minutes
Reference:Leviticus 14:33-53
The Old Testament contains a number of laws pertaining to holiness or 'cleanliness' which may sound odd in today's cultural context. However, beyond the rules and regulations lies the truth that God is holy, and He wants us to be set apart for the purposes He has for us. Join us this week as Steve Cassidy opens the word of God and reminds us that God wants to build His house within us so we can enjoy His presence daily, and live a fulfilling life in His perfect will. Listen now!
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Courtroom DramaSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length: 49 minutes
Reference:Matthew 27:11-31
In Matthew 27:11-31, Jesus was accused of calling Himself the King of the Jews, and the crowd was given the opportunity to choose whether to free Him or Barabbas. Although many of them had once followed Jesus and experienced God's love through miracles performed by Him, they asked for Barabbas to be released and Jesus to be crucified. In this message, Steve Cassidy relives the "courtroom drama" where Jesus was sentenced to death and urges us to stand out from the crowd and choose Jesus. Listen now!
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Fé Como AbrahamSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length: 29 minutes
Reference:Hebrews 11:1-6
Hebreos 11:6 dice "pero sin fe es imposible agradar a Dios". Abraham mostro mucha fe al seguir las intrucciones de Dios al dejar su tierra. Steve nos habla aqui de como nosotros podemos tambien aprender a tener la misma fe que Abraham.
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Knowing and Loving JesusSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length: 49 minutes
Reference:John 21:1-19
John 21 tells us the story of how Jesus appeared to His disciples and restored Peter after his denial. It also shows us how Peter, out of his passion and love, abandoned the boat and the miraculous catch of fish to seek after Jesus. In his message, Steve Cassidy expands on this story and how Jesus is calling all of us to a place of love and intimacy with Him.
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Complaces A Dios?Steve Cassidy
King's Church
Length: 36 minutes
Reference:Matthew 19:16-28
Mateo 19 nos habla de un joven muy rico que Jesus quiso provar su corazon ya que los pensamientos de este joven estaban en sus riquezas, lujos, etc. Jesus quiere nuestros corazones, no obligandonos a que lo amemos. Nosotros estamos colocando cosas de este mundo primero que a Jesus. Nuestro Padre Celestial nos ama y El nos provehera todo lo que necesitamos si lo buscamos primero a El. Los animo a que lo busquen y anhelen su presencia y encontraras paz, amor y gozo y lo demas que necesites alli.
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Presence CarriersSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length: 42 minutes
Reference:Exodus 34:29-35
God desires us to spend time in His presence more than we imagine. The more time we spend with Him, we become more like Jesus in our actions, behavior and attitudes. We learn from Moses, that disciplined and dedicated time with God will help us and others too, to see the Glory of God in our everyday lives. Listen now!!
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The Christian's ArsenalSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length: 37 minutes
Reference:2 Chronicles 20:1-29
The word of God tells us that we will face battles as Christians; it won't all be smooth sailing! However, when those battles and trials come our way, God also equips us with the weapons we need to stand strong and come out victorious. Join us this week as Steve Cassidy opens the word and shows us that God is always fighting for us. Listen now!
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Un Beso TraicioneroSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length: 22 minutes
Reference:Mark 14:12-31
La ultima cena cuando Jesus partio el pan y compartio el vino con sus discipulos fue un simbolo de lo que iva a suceder con el en la cruz. Asi como Judas lo traiciono con un beso por la ambicion al dinero, igual puede pasar con nosotros cuando nos dejamos llevar por la ambicion y los deseos de la carne, vemos como termino Judas el cual fue una refleccion para nuestras vidas.
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The Depth Of The Father's LoveSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length: 47 minutes
Reference:Luke 24:13-32
In the last chapter of Luke, we meet two of Jesus' disciples who have an encounter with the risen Christ on the way to Emmaus. This story reveals a touching snapshot of the very personal way in which Jesus walks with us, relates to us, and enables us to see Him as a loving friend and saviour through His word and His presence. Join us this week as Steve Cassidy opens the word of God to show us the depths of the Father's love for us.
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Follow The SaviourSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length: 48 minutes
Reference:Luke 9:51-62
The writer of Luke tells three accounts of people who wanted to follow Jesus, with each one not fully realising the cost that it entailed. Jesus' responses to each of the would-be disciples revealed the true nature of their commitment to follow him. Are you ready to leave it all behind to follow the Saviour? Join us this week as Steve Cassidy brings a timely and challenging message to encourage us to consider the cost of true discipleship. Listen now!
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