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Out Of EgyptSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length:39 minutes
Reference:Matthew 1-2
The story of Jesus’ birth is one most of us are familiar with. However, it is easy to miss the intricate details of how God providentially protected Jesus from the plans of the enemy so He could complete His ministry. Is God calling you out of your comfort zone today so He can use you? Steve Cassidy brings the word of God this week. Not to be missed!
Out Of EgyptListen Download MP3 Audio 13.7MB (39:54)
The Power Of UnitySteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length:1 hour 0 minute
In this sermon, Steve Cassidy reiterates that as the church of Jesus Christ (Ekklesia), our relevance in an increasingly chaotic world is evidenced in our unity of purpose, spirit and also in serving one another. It is only when we show this unity backed by the Holy Spirit that we can see the power of God demonstrated in our lives.
The Power Of UnityListen Download MP3 Audio 20.7MB (1:00:17)
Hearing From GodSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length:58 minutes
Reference:Acts 9
Many of us claim that we do not hear from God in answer to our prayers, but the reality is that sometimes we want God to speak to us on our terms. The Apostle Paul was well acquainted with God’s voice, but he first had to learn to hear from God through a life of worship and being set apart for God. Steve Cassidy reminds us that we need to position our hearts and minds right so we can hear what God has to say to us. Not to be missed!
Hearing From GodListen Download MP3 Audio 19.9MB (58:02)
LostSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length:47 minutes
Reference:Luke 15
The Bible reminds us that we can all be “like sheep that have gone stray” because our natural inclination is to wander away from God to pursue our own desires. Jesus is the good shepherd who goes out of His way to find us and restore us when we reach out to Him and He is always ready to welcome us home. Do you need to return to the Father today? Join us in the first of our Father’s Day messages as Steve Cassidy reminds us that we are never too lost for God to find us!
LostListen Download MP3 Audio 16.2MB (47:07)
Conociendo El Espiritu SantoSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length:34 minutes
Jesús says in John chapter 3 "very truly í tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again" In this sermon, Steve opens the scriptures to see what it means to be "born again" of the Spirit, to know Jesus through the Holy Spirit and how then Jesus and His kingdom can appear more real than our circumstances.
CONOCIENDO EL ESPIRITU SANTOListen Download MP3 Audio 13.7MB (34:08)
The Unchanging Nature Of GodSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length:50 minutes
Reference:Exodus 33
In an age where truth is becoming increasingly more relative, the one constant we can always lean on as Christians is our unchanging God. Steve Cassidy opens the word this week and reminds us that we serve a God who in spite of our sins, always keeps His word, and is ready to listen to us and draw near to us if we turn to Him in truth. Not to be missed!
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Aprendiendo a esperar en DiosSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length:38 minutes
Reference:Matthew 6:5-6
Join us this week as Steve Cassidy shares the word on praying and seeking God in our Spanish service. Be blessed!
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It's In The DetailSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length:44 minutes
References:Isaiah 66:2
John 4:23-24
In the Gospel of John, Jesus said that the Father is looking for those who worship Him in spirit and in truth. So what does this mean for us today? Join us this week as Steve Cassidy opens the scriptures and shows us how God longs to be involved in all the details of our lives in order to build a strong foundation for our faith. Not to be missed!
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Palabras De ImpactoSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length:31 minutes
Reference:Haggai 2:9
Join us this week as Steve Cassidy shares the word in our Spanish service. Be blessed!
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Esteban Seguidor de JesusSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length:39 minutes
Reference:Acts 6
Esteban en el libro de hechos mostro muchas facetas de como ser un seguidor verdadero de Jesus con su Vida. Sometiendoce a servir en la Iglesia, predicando el Evangelio y dando su Vida por Jesus hasta la muerte.
MP3 AudioListen Download 44Kbps 15.7MB
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