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Awaken to Fresh DestinyJohn Glass
King's Church
Length:46 minutes
In this inspiring and timely message, John Glass reminds us that in order for us to fulfil our God-ordained destiny, it is vital that we are awakened to be restored to all that God has called us to be. Not to be missed!
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Awaken to RestorationJohn Glass
King's Church
Length:42 minutes
The Bible often uses the analogy of Ashes and Dust (Isaiah 52 verses 1-2 & Isaiah 61 verses 1-3) to indicate mourning and disappointment. In the first of a 2 part sermon, our guest speaker John Glass encourages us to sweep away the old remnants of our lives in order to make way for a renewed life; one lived in God. He also reiterates the need to shake off the dust of disappointment in order to move on to what God has for us.
Awaken to RestorationListen Download MP3 Audio 14.6MB (42:36)
Positioned For God's BestJohn Glass
King's Church
Length:41 minutes
Reference:Psalm 1:3
The Bible has a lot of examples of God meeting people in extraordinary circumstances. However, God can also meet us in our regular mundane activities as long as we are faithfully serving Him. In his second sermon this week, our guest speaker John Glass encourages us to remain rooted in God’s purpose where we can flourish and He can use us to change our environment for His glory. Listen now!
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Making Space For GraceJohn Glass
King's Church
Length:40 minutes
Reference:2 Kings 4:1-7
God loves us and wants to give us His best. That is the simple message in the Bible, but we often find it hard to believe or live in that truth because we allow other things to fill us, leaving no room for God to work! Join us this week as our guest speaker John Glass (Elim Movement) reminds us from the scriptures that the more emptiness we present to God, the more His grace will fill us, until we overflow in His goodness!
MP3 AudioListen Download 48Kbps 13.8MB