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God's Dream - Part 2Jarrod Cooper
King's Church
Length:51 minutes
In the second part of his two part sermon, Jarrod Cooper opens the word of God and shows us how we can practically live out God’s plans for our lives by finding our Kingdom assignments and aligning our dreams to God’s dreams. Not to be missed!
God's Dream - Part 2Listen Download MP3 Audio 17.8MB (51:50)
God's Dream - Part 1Jarrod Cooper
King's Church
Length:42 minutes
God had a plan for mankind from the beginning, and all we need to do is to find our place in that plan in order to walk in His purpose. However, we often try to make our dreams the source of our purpose rather than following in Jesus’ footsteps and denying ourselves. So how do we get back on track and fulfil God’s dream? Join us this week as Jarrod Cooper brings the word of God.
God's Dream - Part 1Listen Download MP3 Audio 14.6MB (42:27)
God Strugglers - Part 2Jarrod Cooper
King's Church
Length:45 minutes
Reference:Genesis 32
Sometimes God puts people or problems in our path to wrestle us into maturity. The challenge for us is to keep seeing God in every situation and rise above our circumstances as we realise the amazing power of His grace to sustain us! Join us for the concluding part of today’s message as Jarrod Cooper reminds us that every struggle we encounter is an opportunity for God to draw us closer to Him and His divine and perfect plan for our lives!
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God Strugglers - Part 1Jarrod Cooper
King's Church
Length:49 minutes
Reference:Genesis 32
It can be a trying time in our lives when unexpected changes occur; we may start to feel like we are in God’s “washing machine” being tumbled around! There is always hope for God’s children in those seasons, even if we have to wrestle our way into the high calling of God. Join us this week as our guest speaker Jarrod Cooper opens the word to encourage us that God is just as present in our struggles as He is in the good times. Not to be missed!
MP3 AudioListen Download 44Kbps 20.0MB