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Grace For The RacePhilip Shaw
King's Church
Length:58 minutes
Reference:Romans 5
One of the core beliefs in Christianity is that we are saved by the grace of God. The Apostle Paul reminds the church in his letter to the Romans that we receive this grace through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. However, we often get to a point in our lives where we try to add our own works and create a form of salvation we are “comfortable” with. Philip Shaw brings a timely reminder this week that it is the same grace that saves us that will sustain us for the race if we keep our trust in God. Listen now!
Grace For The RaceListen Download MP3 Audio 23.3MB (58:06)
God's Dream - Part 2Jarrod Cooper
King's Church
Length:51 minutes
In the second part of his two part sermon, Jarrod Cooper opens the word of God and shows us how we can practically live out God’s plans for our lives by finding our Kingdom assignments and aligning our dreams to God’s dreams. Not to be missed!
God's Dream - Part 2Listen Download MP3 Audio 17.8MB (51:50)
God's Dream - Part 1Jarrod Cooper
King's Church
Length:42 minutes
God had a plan for mankind from the beginning, and all we need to do is to find our place in that plan in order to walk in His purpose. However, we often try to make our dreams the source of our purpose rather than following in Jesus’ footsteps and denying ourselves. So how do we get back on track and fulfil God’s dream? Join us this week as Jarrod Cooper brings the word of God.
God's Dream - Part 1Listen Download MP3 Audio 14.6MB (42:27)
More Than Meets The EyePhilip Shaw
King's Church
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Reference:Mark 11
What do you do when you cannot see God at work in your life? There are moments in our lives where we can feel like there is never any positive change, but when we receive Jesus into our hearts, God is always working beneath the surface to transform us into His image. However, we still need to let go of the things Jesus died to set us free from, so we can fully experience the new life in Christ. Phil Saw brings a timely reminder that there is more to God's work in us than meets the eye!
More Than Meets The EyeListen Download MP3 Audio 24.2MB (1:00:29)
Peace Of GodPatience Tilbury
King's Church
Length:43 minutes
Reference:John 14
In His last moments before going to the cross, Jesus reminded His disciples that despite the unrest in the world, He would give them peace through His Holy Spirit to carry them through any circumstance. That same peace is available for all followers of Jesus today, but we must first come to Him in order to have a relationship that will enable His Spirit to work in us and through us. Join us this week as Patience Tilbury encourages us to walk in God’s peace which He freely gives to all His Children!
Peace of GodListen Download MP3 Audio 17.4MB (43:32)
Picking FightsPhilip Shaw
King's Church
Length:1 hour 4 minutes
Reference:1 Timothy 6
The word of God gives us clear instructions as to which fights to stand our grounds on, and which to flee, but we often forget to do either of those and try to fight in our own strength. Are you engaged in a fight that God has already won for you? Do you need to refocus your mind so that you can win the fights that you should be fighting? Phil Shaw brings the word of God this week and shows us how to pick (and win!) the right fights. Not to be missed!
Picking FightsListen Download MP3 Audio 22.2MB (1:04:37)
The Director's CutPhilip Shaw
King's Church
Length:1 hour 7 minutes
Reference:1 Kings 17
The Bible tells us that God has good plans for our lives, but it is easy to forget this in difficult times and start questioning whether God really is in control. However, the truth is that God is always working and even though we may not see it and it does not make sense, we need to trust Him because He cares for us. Phil Shaw opens the word of God this week, and encourages us that we can be confident that what God starts, He will bring to completion!
The Director's CutListen Download MP3 Audio 23.1MB (1:07:11)
It Is TimeJean-Louis Beng Elouga
King's Church
Length:47 minutes
Reference:Romans 13
A new year is usually the time when we make resolutions to do things a little better than before, or some other form of self-improvement. However, as Christians, we do not need to wait for a new year to get our lives in order - every day is a new opportunity to say "it is time for a change!" Jean-Louis brings the word of God to challenge us to live in a state of readiness for Jesus in order to bring glory to His Name. Listen now!
It is TimeListen Download MP3 Audio 19.2MB (47:51)
Making Space For GodPhilip Shaw
King's Church
Length:1 hour 3 minutes
Reference:Luke 5
What takes the place of primary importance in your life? Is it family, career, or relationships? Whilst all these things are good, we need to give God the center of our hearts, because that is the only way He can direct our paths. As we close out 2019, Phil Shaw opens the word of God and reminds us that Jesus is looking for those who are ready to fully yield to Him so He can use them to accomplish His perfect will. Not to be missed!
Making Space For GodListen Download MP3 Audio 25.3MB (1:03:03)
A Matter Of TrustPeter Shaw
King's Church
Length:43 minutes
Reference:Luke 1
When Mary heard from Gabriel that she would give birth to the Saviour, she put her trust in God and accepted the responsibility, even after realising the huge impact it would have on her life. In his Christmas message, Peter Shaw shows us through Mary’s story in Luke 1 that our response to God’s plan of redemption should be that of trust in Jesus who came and paid the price for our salvation. Listen now!
A Matter Of TrustListen Download MP3 Audio 15.0MB (43:39)
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