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Faith FoundationsPhilip Shaw
King's Church
Length:1 hour 6 minutes
Reference:Luke 6-7
It has been said that whatever we turn to first in our greatest hour of need is what we truly worship. In the story of the centurion asking Jesus to heal his servant in the book of Luke, we see how he placed his faith in Jesus, and not in his own accomplishments or accolades. Are you building your faith on a solid relationship with Jesus, or your achievements and your own strength? Phil Shaw brings the word of God and challenges us examine the foundations of our faith. Listen now!
Faith FoundationsListen Download MP3 Audio 22.9MB (1:06:35)
The Real DealPhilip Shaw
King's Church
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Reference:Isaiah 55
Our situations in life can sometimes dictate our expectations of God, but in the book of Isaiah, God invites everyone who has a need to receive freely from His hand. God is a good father, and He knows what we need, but we have to ask, and then believe in His word which never fails in order to receive the fulness of what He desires to work in our lives. Is your heart desperate for God to come into your situation and change it? Phil Shaw brings a timely word!
The Real DealListen Download MP3 Audio 20.8MB (1:00:28)
Being an EncouragerPatience Tilbury
King's Church
Length:47 minutes
Reference:Acts 11:19-26
We live in an age where the outlook seems to be getting increasingly negative for most people, even among Christians. However, if we are filled with God’s Spirit, we should be reflecting His attributes and behaviour, and that includes encouraging others and building them up with good words because we recognise God’s grace in their lives. Are you ready to encourage someone this week? Patience Tilbury brings the word of God.
Being An EncouragerListen Download MP3 Audio 16.4MB (47:38)
Hearing From GodSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length:58 minutes
Reference:Acts 9
Many of us claim that we do not hear from God in answer to our prayers, but the reality is that sometimes we want God to speak to us on our terms. The Apostle Paul was well acquainted with God’s voice, but he first had to learn to hear from God through a life of worship and being set apart for God. Steve Cassidy reminds us that we need to position our hearts and minds right so we can hear what God has to say to us. Not to be missed!
Hearing From GodListen Download MP3 Audio 19.9MB (58:02)
Transformed: The Work of The Spirit (Part 3) - Relationship With The SpiritPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length:1 hour 6 minutes
Reference:Acts 8
Philip the Evangelist obviously has a relationship with the Person of the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised that a Person would come in His place at Pentecost, not a force. In this last part of the Transformations series, Peter Cavanna presents the personality of the Holy Spirit from Scripture. Have you met Him?
Transformed - Relationship With The SpiritListen Download MP3 Audio 22.9MB (1:06:42)
Transformed: The Work of The Spirit (Part 2) - Receiving the SpiritPhilip Shaw
King's Church
Length:1 hour 23 minutes
Reference:Acts 19
In Acts 19, the Apostle Paul meets a group of believers who had been baptised, but had never heard of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, we can go through our whole Christian walk not even knowing the power of God that is available to us through His Holy Spirit, but as God’s children, He desires for us all to be filled so we can stand out for Him in this world and showcase His glory. Phil Shaw opens the word in the second part of the ‘Transformed’ series and encourages us to walk in the fulness of the Spirit.
Transformed : The Work of The Spirit Part 2 - Receiving The SpiritListen Download MP3 Audio 28.8MB (1:23:50)
Transformed: The Work of The Spirit (Part 1) - Renewed By The SpiritPhilip Shaw
King's Church
Length:1 hour 7 minutes
Reference:Acts 9
Jesus promised to send His Holy Spirit to be our helper and to empower us to lead transformed lives. However, as we see from the book of Acts, it is only when we are completely surrendered to His will that the Spirit moves in great power within us. Phil Shaw brings the word in the first of the 3-part ‘Transformed’ series and reminds us that a transformed life starts with a mind that is continually being renewed by the Holy Spirit. Listen now!
Transformed Part 1 - Renewed By The SpiritListen Download MP3 Audio 23.1MB (1:07:18)
Nothing HiddenChidera Egbujor
King's Church
Length:45 minutes
Reference:John 4
In John 4, we read the story of Jesus meeting a Samaritan woman at a well and offering her ‘living water’. It is all too easy to try to fill the aching in our hearts and thirst in our souls with things that gratify us for a short time, but only the love of Jesus can truly satisfy our inner longing. Join us in the first of our special ‘Ignite Sunday’ services as Chidera Egbujor opens the word of God and reminds us that God is looking for those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.
Nothing HiddenListen Download MP3 Audio 15.7MB (45:38)
Blessings of BattleJoanne Kouadio
King's Church
Length:26 minutes
Reference:Habakkuk 3
We all have battles we face in our Christian lives, and sometimes we can be overwhelmed by the challenges we face even when we know God is fighting for us. In the second of our ‘Ignite Sunday’ sermons, Joanne Kouadio brings a timely encouragement that we can find a blessing in our battles if we keep our eyes on God and allow Him to change our hearts, rather than just waiting for our circumstances to change. Not to be missed!
Blessings of BattleListen Download MP3 Audio 9.0MB (26:09)
Seeking God With All Your HeartTanya Chand
King's Church
Length:52 minutes
God says in His word that if we seek Him with all our heart, we will find Him, and He will fill our lives with purpose. But so many of us settle for a normal life, when we are created in God’s image to reflect His glory. Tanya Chand shares her testimony of how God infused her with hope and turned her life around in her darkest hour and reminds us that are all called to be world changers. Listen now!
Seeking God With All Your HeartListen Download MP3 Audio 18.0MB (52:28)
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