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Panic RoomsPhilip Shaw
King's Church
Length: 47 minutes
Reference:John 20
Have you ever found yourself in such difficult circumstances that you start to doubt whether God really has a handle on your situation? Well, you are not alone! Shortly after Jesus’ disciples witnessed His resurrection, they found themselves hiding in fear from the authorities. Join us this week as Phil Shaw shows us that the only key to exiting our “panic room” is a solid foundation of knowing and trusting in Jesus to rescue us.
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Esteban Seguidor de JesusSteve Cassidy
King's Church
Length: 39 minutes
Reference:Acts 6
Esteban en el libro de hechos mostro muchas facetas de como ser un seguidor verdadero de Jesus con su Vida. Sometiendoce a servir en la Iglesia, predicando el Evangelio y dando su Vida por Jesus hasta la muerte.
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Blind FaithLiliana Cassidy
King's Church
Length: 50 minutes
Reference:John 9
God often calls us to a destination without giving us specific details of how to get there. In those times, we can give in to frustration, or trust in His ability to lead us, and His love for us to see us through. Join us this week as Liliana Cassidy opens the word of God and encourages us to persevere in obedience and determination in order to see the miracle God has prepared for us!
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Resurrection RealitiesPhilip Shaw
King's Church
Length: 46 minutes
Reference:Matthew 28
The Apostle Paul once said that if Jesus had not ben raised from the dead, then Christians are to be most pitied. This Easter, as we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Phil Shaw opens the word of God and reminds us that the reality of the Resurrection should result in a total shift in our lives, our core values and our desires, just as it did for the first disciples. Not to be missed!
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Fuelled By FaithLewis Kahraman
King's Church
Length:1 hour 3 minutes
Reference:Joshua 1:1-11
Joshua was a man of great faith chosen to replace Moses as the one who would lead the Israelites into the promised land. His journey was not without obstacles though, as one of his first tasks as leader was to take the people across the Jordan river and conquer the land. What can we learn from Joshua when life’s obstacles seem to be greater than God’s promises? Join us this week as Lewis Kahraman brings the word of God, and challenges us to evaluate whether we are fulled by faith or fear. Listen now!
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The Obedience FactorPhil Shaw
King's Church
Length: 53 minutes
Reference:2 Kings 5
In 2 Kings 5, Elisha told Naaman to wash himself in the river Jordan in order to be cured of leprosy. It was not the solution Naaman expected, but he eventually obeyed and experienced a miraculous healing. Sometimes God moves in unexpected ways or asks us to do something seemingly inconsequential to our situation. Our obedience is required to obtain the good things He has planned for us. Join us this week as Phil Shaw shares with us that obedience to God is the key to our breakthrough and success in life.
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Trusting God When Life Seems UnfairPatience Tilbury
King's Church
Length: 38 minutes
Reference:Genesis 21:8-21
Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in situations where we have done our best, given our all and gone the extra mile but we get nothing out of it. What do we do when life seems unfair? Join us this week as Patience Tilbury shares what we can do when we are in unfair situations, what God expects from us and what He wants to do in our lives. Listen now!
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Freedom Before ReleaseDr John Andrews
King's Church
Length:1 hour 3 minutes
Reference:Acts 16:16-40
In Acts 16, Paul and Silas were praying and praising God at midnight while in prison. That same night, they experienced a supernatural deliverance from their chains and received freedom from their prison even before the magistrates released them. Join us this week as Dr John Andrews expands on this story and shares how to receive and walk in freedom even before our breakthrough finally manifests. Not to be missed!
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From Disappointed To DisappointmentDr John Andrews
King's Church
Length: 51 minutes
Reference:2 Corinthians 6:3-13
In 2 Corinthians 6:10, Paul mentioned that he was “sorrowful, yet always rejoicing”. Is it possible to be disappointed with something or someone and not live in disappointment? In his message, Dr John Andrews shows us the difference between being disappointed and living in disappointment, the effects of disappointment and also how to prevent disappointments in our lives by making the right choices. Listen now!
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Que hacer para que Dios nos cambie?Liliana Cassidy
King's Church
Length: 35 minutes
El Señor quiere cambiarnos pero nosotros tenemos que disponer nuestros corazones "Como barro en la mano del alfarero" y estar listos a pasar por fuego, sabemos que ese fuego no nos va a quemar porque Dios es nuestro alfarero entonces significa que Él estará con nosotros en ese proceso. Si es un proceso que tomato su tiempo pero todo depende de nosotros, de nuestra disponibilidad. Los animo a dejar todo atras y empezar de nuevo a contruir nuestras casas en la Roca y no más en la arena.
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