Conditions of Partnership 

Each partner of King's Church would be expected to fulfil the following criteria:

(a) Be a born again believer in Jesus Christ, seeking to love God and to be submitted to His rule in all areas of life.

(b) Is in agreement with the church’s Statement of Faith.

(c) Has been or is willing to be baptised in water by full immersion. 


(d) Has been or is seeking to be baptised in the Holy Spirit.

(e) Believes in the importance of weekly church attendance and, wherever possible, will attend all church activities and events.

(f) Will seek, where appropriate to gift and ability, to fulfil a role or ministry within the church with humility, dedication and a servant spirit.

(g) Is genuinely submitted to the local church leadership and exercises all ministry under their covering, permission and supervision.

(h) Accepts the Scriptural responsibilities that are necessary to the continued functioning of the local church, including financial tithing.

(i) Is committed to the unity of the Body of Christ, refusing to gossip or to speak unkindly about the church leaders, other church members, church groups or other Christian denominations.

(j) Seeks to maintain a Spirit-filled life of devotion, mission, service, faith and optimism.




Acceptance into partnership is at the discretion of the church leadership. While King's Church will not usually refuse or rescind partnership, it will be considered to have lapsed if members fail to attend for a period of two months without cause, or where there is a serious failure to keep the other conditions of partnership.


It is not possible for those in partnership with King's Church to also be in membership with another local church. Students who wish to become involved in the ministry of King's Church may apply to receive "Student Partnership" while they are studying in the city. This partnership is temporary and exists for as long as they are resident in Cambridge and does not affect or compromise membership held in their home church.


If you would like to apply to be a partner please download the application form, print it out and bring the completed form to the church office. It is available to download by clicking the download button below: