King's Church Cambridge is a registered charity: 1054329. The financial running and maintenance of the church and its ministry relies entirely upon the faithful obedient giving of God's people (Malachi 3:10). Free will offerings are taken up in each Sunday morning service, but there is no pressure to give, and there is also the facility to give through Standing Order. The church also avails itself of the Government Gift Aid Scheme wherever possible. Other than these, there are no other sources of funding and the ministry operates by faith.

It is also the ethos of the church leadership to ensure that at least ten percent of the income is sown outside of the church's ministry each year, although, by the grace of God, it is usually far in excess of this.

The church accounts are independantly examined and audited annually by:

Mr Geoff Mann

Chartered Certified Accountant

Dee House

Highworth Avenue




To read the recent financial reports at the Charity Commission website, or to view the income and expenditure of the church, click here.
Search for the Charity number: 1054329.