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If you are not able to attend the church service on a Sunday morning but would like to listen live at home, it is now possible to do so. We are not permitted to broadcast the worship section for legal reasons, but the Sunday morning teaching will be available to hear live each week. 


We will begin broadcasting at 11.00am at the conclusion of our sung worship. Listeners will be able to interact with our time of prayer, hear the latest news from King's Church and then listen to the week's teaching ministry.


We wholeheartedly believe that God can touch you as you listen with an open heart, whether you are in the church building or not. There are no church walls with God.



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The free broadcast is available courtesy of the WavePad Sound Editor. Other churches seeking to broadcast live services should visit their website for free software.


If you have any questions about the broadcast, want to give general feedback, or simply to let us know that you are listening, please contact our media team: