Our Vision

As a contemporary, soul winning church in Cambridge, we are ultimately committed to helping people find life, hope and purpose. We aim to achieve this through what we call our '4 core' vision strategy. These four principles are outlined below:




seekthelostwebWe are very passionate to fulfil the commision gave by Jesus in 'Mark 16' and letting it become the very heartbeat of our church. Therefore, we regularly operate a specific outreach ministry called 'King's On The Streets' which is primarily aimed at taking God's love and a demonstration of his power to the streets of our great city. 




schoolwebWe believe that all people should receive the necessary teaching following their decision to follow Christ. Our aim is that believers discover the essential teaching in order for them to operate their faith through knowledge and power. We achieve this through our regular courses that range from a simple introduction to the Christian faith to the more practical training of ‘Ephesians 4:11’ gifts.



servewebWe are dedicated about serving the people within our community and very often those who don’t always share our Christian faith. Each week, we host a Toddlers' group, youth club and safe meeting place for those struggling with mental health. We also support voluntary ‘Street Pastors’ work in our city and operate ‘free’ money management courses for those struggling with their finances. 



supportwebThrough partnerships with World Ministries, Next Level International and Tear Fund, we seek to support missionary opportunities in other nations both financially and practically. We are aslo dedicated to supporting the needs of our local area through our ‘Fit For A King’ ministry that works alongside local charities to offer practical help to those who can’t always help themselves.

If you would like to find out more about the vision at King's Church, please listen to the Senior Leader's message from our recent 'Vision Day':  Click here to listen.