Can you shed a little light into someones broken world?

In September and December of 2017 ladies from King's church went out to Iraq to visit a refugee site where people had suffered much perscution by ISIS and subsequently displaced. Our commitment to helping this refugee site has evolved into an ongoing desire to see many of these precious lives touched with an expression of God's undconditional love into their brokeness. Whilst visiting and helping physically helps greatly we also believe that we can help the refugee site by donating money to help provide food fuel and clothes for many peole who have quite literally lost everything.

How can you help and find out more?

If you would like to find out more you can now download our latest leaflet which explains a little more about the work in Iraq. However for those wo wish to give a financial gift, you can simply donate by clicking on the button below. All donations will be sent via King's Church directly to MedEast charity that is run by Dr Paul Kingery and go directly towards providing food, fuel and clothes for those living in great poverty.