Buenas Noticias   

Spanish Worship Services

On a monthly basis, King's Church hosts Christian worship services in the Spanish language. Buenas Noticias includes Spanish worship, preaching and fellowship, and is a wonderful opportunity for those of the Spanish language to come together, make friends and most importantly to explore and enjoy their Christian faith. The worship begins at various times on the dates shown below. All are welcome!

The Spanish group also meet every Wednesday evening in Cherry Hinton contact: Kingsspanish777@gmail.com


2019 DATES

Sunday 13th January     @ 5:00pm                                       

Sunday 10th February    @5:00pm

Sunday 10th March          @ 5:00pm

Sunday 7th April             @ 5:00pm

Sunday 12th May              @ 5:00pm
Sunday 2nd June             @ 5:00pm

Sunday  7th July              @ 5:00pm

Sunday  4th August         @5:00pm

Sunday  1st September   @5:00pm   

Sunday   6th October       @5:00pm

Sunday   3rd November   @5:00pm

Sunday   1st December   @5:00pm