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This section of the website is for those who have been attending King's Church for a while and may feel that they wish to formalise their membership with the church and its leadership team by becoming "partners" with the ministry. We believe it is right and biblical to connect with a local church; one where people can flow with the vision and DNA of the ministry and to make it their spiritual home. Obviously, it is appropriate for God's love to be shown to all who attend church services, whatever their commitment. But those who partner with the ministry are more formally expressing a desire to be pastored and discipled by that church, giving that local leadership team a greater sense of responsibility towards them.


Each fellowship will have different criteria for partnership. Those wishing to partner with King's Church will be committing themselves to the following:


To serve the church in some useful capacity; to have a mutually agreed role in the ministry of King's Church, demonstrating commitment and a servant spirit.


To support the church in a variety of different ways. This includes regular attendance, where possible, at all church services and events, plus the promise to give financially in proportion to one's means.


To submit to the church leadership where biblically appropriate; not to speak ill of the church or its ministry and to be open to accept both encouragement and exhortation, along side correction or discipline compliant with New Testament standards.


Full conditions of partnership, serving and giving can be found in this section. If you have been attending the church for a number of months and wish to become a partner, please see one of the leadership team. We would be delighted to chat with you about it.