'The Outer Court Project' 


King's Church is currently in an exciting season as we aim to look at refurbishing the outside front area of our church/community building. With a heart to reach our community with the message of Jesus, we feel it's extremely important to make it as easy as possible for anyone to access the building and more importantly feel welcome before they even set foot through the doors.

The project will include the restoration of all the major stone work on the facade of the building and the installation of new secure double glazed glass doors, new gated access and new groundwork with improved disabled access. 

The project is due to start in early December and we have yet to raise more funds to see the vision in full completion. If you would like to donate any amount to the project and vision of King's Church we would be extremely grateful. To do this you can either donate online by clicking below or contacting the office at King's direct.

In the meantime we would also value your prayers in seeing this exciting vision fulfilled!

Philip Shaw, 06/12/2014