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Knowing Me Knowing YouPhil Shaw
King's Church
Length: 52 minutes
Reference:Psalm 139:1-18
Do you sometimes feel like no one really knows or understands you? Join us this week as Phil Shaw opens the word and reminds us that God knows us intimately, and that knowledge should lead us into believing that he's got our best interest at heart, even if it does not always appear that way. Listen and be encouraged!
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Living Off The ScalePhil Shaw
King's Church
Length: 50 minutes
Reference:Ephesians 3:7-21
God's love for us is beyond human measure and His plans for our life far exceed whatever we can think of. But we often limit ourselves when we focus on our failures, inadequacies and what others say about us. In this message, Phil Shaw encourages us to make God's measure the standard for our life as that will elevate us beyond limitations and release us into true prosperity. Listen now!
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The Fast ResponsePhil Shaw
King's Church
Length: 49 minutes
Reference:Luke 4:1-15
Many of us begin our Christian journey with passion and excitement. However, when trials come along we can often feel like throwing in the towel and giving up on our faith. In this timely message Phil Shaw challenges us to follow the example of Jesus when we face challenges, and draw closer to God through a life of total submission. Listen now!
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To Keep Or To CastDanny Miller
King's Church
Length: 43 minutes
References:1 Peter 5:7
Ephesians 3:8-12
One of the recurring themes in the Bible is that God wants us to give Him our cares and worries so He can give us His peace. However, it is all too easy for us to hold on to our anxieties, and try to do things our way because it is what we are used to. Join us this week as our special guest Danny Miller from Hope Church in Rotherham encourages us to give our cares to Jesus so we can approach Him with boldness and confidence. Not to be missed!
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Jesus On StressPeter Cavanna
King's Church
Length: 59 minutes
Reference:Matthew 6:25-34
Stress and anxiety are very common in today's world and Christians are certainly not immune from them! Drawing from the teaching of Jesus and Paul, Peter Cavanna (Mattersey Hall) unpacks some of the causes of stress and how we can begin to overcome!
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Dust To GloryStephen Cassidy
King's Church
Length: 44 minutes
Reference:Genesis 2
We all inherited the sinful nature from Adam when we were born. As Christians, we have been 'recreated' in Christ Jesus for good works, but we daily find ourselves battling with the desires of the flesh like Paul said "For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh." In this message, Stephen Cassidy admonishes us to walk in Christ, as to walk in Adam leads to death but to walk in Christ is to go from glory to glory. Listen now!
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The Power Of CommunityPhilip Shaw
King's Church
Length: 54 minutes
One of the great tools available to believers is relationships with other Christians as this helps sharpen one another. This is a valuable part of our Christian walk especially in an era which places emphasis on virtual community. In this timely message, Phil Shaw reiterates the importance of having a community within the church to help strengthen our faith as we also seek to encourage and empower each other.
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Living Up To His NamePhilip Shaw
King's Church
Length: 53 minutes
Reference:Acts 4:1-20
In the book of Acts, we read about disciples living out the great commission of Jesus, and bringing thousands to salvation. But just a few chapters earlier, they fled when Jesus was arrested, and one even denied Him! So what brought about this amazing change in their lives? Join us this week as Phil Shaw opens the word of God and challenges us to live up to the Name of Jesus. Listen now!
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Hide Or SeekPatience Tilbury
King's Church
Length: 51 minutes
Reference:John 20:1-18
In our Christian walk, it can sometimes feel like God is distant from us. However, the word of God states that He is always near to us if we draw close to Him wholeheartedly. Join us this week as Patience Tilbury reminds us that Jesus is looking for those who are intentional and dedicated about seeking Him. Listen now!
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Cristiano Sin Ser Verdaderamente CristianoBartow Wylie
King's Church
Length: 36 minutes
Reference:Philippians 3:2-11
Join us as our guest speaker Barton Wylie opens the word of God in our Spanish service.
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