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The Winds Of ChangePhilip Shaw
King's Church
Length: 56 minutes
Reference:1 Kings 18
Change can often be a painful process, but God promises us that if we draw near to Him and submit to His will, He will be with us. Join us this week as Phil Shaw opens the word of God and reminds us that the winds of change come only when we persevere in our faith, resist the devil and stay in God’s presence. Listen now!
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The Miracle Around The CornerAndrew Murray
King's Church
Length: 30 minutes
Reference:Joshua 3:12-16
There are many stories in the Bible of people waiting on an answer to a prayer from God, and having to endure a period of uncertainty before seeing God move. The same is true today – sometimes we may not see any visible signs of God working on our behalf, but we need to keep trusting and believing in His word. Join us this week as our guest speaker Andrew Murray opens the word of God to encourage us to hold on to God’s promises, because the miracle is right around the corner!
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SeatedAndrew Murray
King's Church
Length: 40 minutes
Reference:Ephesians 2:6
The descriptions of God’s dwelling place - heaven, in the Bible inspire awe and wonder; yet, the apostle Paul writes that we are “seated in heavenly realms”. However, we often forget our position in Christ and settle for less than what God has planned for us because we are drawn to what is comfortable. Join us for the first of two messages from our guest speaker Andrew Murray, as he opens the word of God and encourages us to step out of our comfort zone, and allow God to reseat us in His presence!
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Promotion CommotionPhilip Shaw
King's Church
Length: 46 minutes
Reference:Mark 10:32-52
The temptation to take our eyes off the cross and vie for positions in the church can be quite strong, as we see in Mark 10 with Jesus' disciples. So how do we keep our hearts focused on what Jesus has already done for us rather than what we want Him to do for us? Join us this week as Phil Shaw opens the word of God and shows us that God always seeks for a heart of submission before a heart that seeks for a position. Not to be missed!
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Disappointment AppointmentsPhilip Shaw
King's Church
Length: 56 minutes
Reference:Luke 5:1-11
There are times when things in our lives do not always go as we had hoped for, but as we see from the illustration of Jesus calling His disciples after a disappointing night of fishing, we must never lose sight of the bigger picture of God's Kingdom even when things do not go well. Join us this week as Phil Shaw opens the word of God to encourage us that our disappointments are an opportunity for a divine appointment with God!
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Battle-Hardened VictorsJean-Louis Beng-Elouga
King's Church
Length: 51 minutes
Reference:1 Samuel 30:1-21
In the Old Testament, we read a number of stories about the leaders of Israel going to battle; King David was an example of a man who faced many battles both from enemies and family. Life can sometimes make us feel battle-weary, and we can choose to either become bitter, or walk in God's victory. Join us this week as Jean-Louis opens the word of God and shows us that no matter what battles we fight, we always have the victory through the power of Christ in us!
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No es Fácil Aprender a EsperarLiliana Cassidy
King's Church
Length: 42 minutes
Reference:Isaiah 40:28-31
Isaias 40:28-31 nos enseña que aquellos en los que esta la fuerza, en la juventud, aún en momentos de la vida, ellos se fatigan, flaquean y terminan cayendo, la Biblia nos enseña Q aunque estés acostumbrando a resolverlo todo, llegara un punto en tu vida en el que lo único que encontrarás es este resultado: *No hay nada que puedas hacer!! Es allí donde podremos entender algo: Necesitamos de Dios! Dios siempre llega JUSTO A TIEMPO.
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Pursuing IntimacyPhil Shaw
King's Church
Length: 50 minutes
Reference:Acts 10:1-23
We often proclaim that Christianity is a "relationship with Jesus" rather than a religion. However, the reality is that in this life we will always have other things competing for our attention and it is all too easy to neglect our relationship with God. Join us this week as Phil Shaw opens the word of God and shows us that a true relationship with God only comes when we are intentional about pursuing intimacy with Jesus. Listen now!
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An Evening With Brother Yun - The Heavenly ManBrother Yun
King's Church
Length:1 hour 8 minutes
Reference:1 Peter 2:9
Our special guest, Brother Yun also known as the Heavenly Man shares his extraordinary testimony of living out the Great Commission of Jesus under intense persecution and shows us what it means to be a "chosen generation and a royal priesthood" as we proclaim the glorious gospel! Not to be missed!
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Vida CristianaLiliana Cassidy
King's Church
Length: 37 minutes
Reference:1 Corinthians 16:13-15
El Apostol Pablo nos da en 1 Corintios 16:13-15 unas pautas para ayudarnos a llevar una vida espiritual saludable y a honrrar a Dios en todo momento. 1ro. Vigilar nuestra vida cristiana. 2do. Estar firmes en nuestra fe. 3ro. See valientes y esforzados. 4to. Hacer todo con Amor. 5to. Edificar una vida de servicio a los demas
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